• What method do I use to clean with my cloth? The method for getting clean surfaces with your cloth is very simple. Wet it with water, wring it well (leaving it only slightly damp) and then wipe to remove the grease, dirt and bacteria from your surfaces. No drying is needed as the split fibers in your cloth work like hooks to pick up and hold the dirt and grimy water deep in the cloth while leaving your surfaces streak, lint and spot free with no drying.
  • What can I clean using my Krystal Klear Cloth? Use it to clean all of your non-porous surfaces: Glass, Windows and Mirrors  Stainless Steel and Chrome  Granite, Marble and Tile  Plastic and Fiberglass  Glass Shower and Patio Doors Leather and Vinyl  Linoleum and Wood Floors  Bar Silverware and Glass. Use on the inside and outside of your car windows . It is safe to be used on the painted surface of the exterior painted surface of your cars as well.
  • Can I wash and reuse my cloths?  Your cloths are reusable and you can expect it to last through at least 500 washings. When the cloth becomes dirty just toss it into the washing machine with detergent. Do not wash them with cotton or other fabrics that may transfer to them as they are naturally lint free. Many people choose to wash them in the sink closest to where they are being used and then hang them to dry right there. However you decide to wash and dry them don't use fabric softeners but instead simply toss 1/2 cup of vinegar into the rinse cycle once in a while to rejuvenate them and remove residues.  Don’t put them in a hot dryer as high temperatures may damage the fibers but a  low temperature dryer is fine. We do not recommend bleach as it may shorten the life of the fibers.  
  • How long can I expect my Krystal Klear Cloth to last? We guarantee it with a full 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee for 1 year for residential use,  though many people will get much more than that from their cloth when care and use instructions are followed. You will likely find your cloth lasting years after it has lost it’s streak free quality and can be used effectively as a general cleaning cloth around your home, office, garage or vehicles.
  • Can I continue to use paper towels and cleaning products with my cloth if I choose to?  Yes, you can use cleaning products and paper towels along with your Krystal Klear Cloth if you would like, but we suggest that you don't and here are the reasons why.
    • The chemicals and fragrances in the chemicals you use including paper towels, leave a sticky residue behind that turns into the problem we all call “streaky windows”. For that reason we suggest that once you begin to clean your surfaces with the cloth you never use chemicals or paper towels again.
    • Not purchasing and using paper towels and cleaning chemicals will save you time and money. The savings will pay for your cloths in the first month you use the Krystal Klear Cloth plus you get to steal back all the time you spent struggling, wiping and drying over and over again trying to get the result you want .
    • Lastly, but not the least important reason is that the fragrances and chemicals in cleaning products are toxic and exposure to them has been proven to increase the risk of asthma, disrupt hormones and be a contributing cause of cancer. The manufacturing of your Krystal Klear Cloth is so clean and environmentally friendly that it has been verified "safe for a babies skin". 


  • What is the Krystal Klear Cloth made of? The cloth is made of polyester and nylon. The fibers are able to absorb and trap the dirt and oil laying on your surfaces using simple water while leaving no streaks behind making it suitable for all types of cleaning, finishing, and polishing in both residential and commercial applications.  Each fiber in a cloth is produced using a unique, worldwide patented textile manufacturing process where endless bi-component filaments are spun, uniformly laid on a belt and then simultaneously split into MICROFILAMENTS 200 times thinner than a human hair. These microfilaments are then tangled together with high-pressure water jets, creating a fabric. It is the dense and compact fiber structures of these endless MICROFILAMENTS that provide our cloth with it's outstanding cleaning performance. 
  • Are there any chemicals in or on the cloth that will hurt my family or the environment?  Our Krystal Klear Cloth is a Green Eco-Friendly product that you can confidently use knowing that no chemicals are in the cloth itself and none are needed for a good result when cleaning
    • All manufacturing of the Krystal Klear Cloth is solvent and binder free. It is PVC Free and has been granted the OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 Certificate, which guarantees there are no harmful substances. It has been certified as safe for contact with a babies skin.
    • Chemicals commonly found in household cleaning products are now linked to an increase in certain health concerns such as the alarming increase in asthma and cancer, but also hormone disruption and reproductive damage. This can be especially concerning for pregnant women and developing children. 
    • Daily use of the Krystal Klear Cloth provides protection for your family by reducing the amount of these toxic residues inhaled from the air and absorbed through the skin when left behind on surfaces where chemical based cleaning products are used. 
    • How does the Kyrstal Klear Cloth help the environment? 
      • Taking the place of paper towels as well as being durable and washable themselves the Krystal Klear Cloth helps to minimize the use and disposal of paper towels in everyday cleaning. Their regular use in homes all over the world aids in reducing the 3,000 tons of paper towel waste that find its way into our landfills every year.
      • Toxic cleaning products are never needed and so the Krystal Klear Cloth is helping to reduce the impact of chemical dumping on the environment.
      • This revolutionary manufacturing technology has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. This process dramatically minimizes the use of resources; raw materials are saved because products are lightweight and water is run through a recycling system.
      • Our printing facilities are committed to responsible stewardship of our renewable resources being both FSC CERTIFIED and a member of the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE. All paper stock and metal plate materials are recycled.


    • What if I get it home and don’t like it?  We give you a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. Just contact us and we will refund your money, no questions asked.  We build our business on happy customers and even if you ended up not using our product we still consider you our customer and want you to be a happy and satisfied one! So Feel free to contact us if you are not getting the results you hoped for. 
    We very rarely hear from a customer who is struggling with their cloth and in every case we are able to give them simple solutions with problems they may be having. We love to hear from our customers and get a kick out of helping them. More often than not there is just a little tweaking and some additional information that is needed to get firmly on the road to streak free surfaces but below are some tips to trouble shoot if you need them.
    Water Spots  Did you wring out the cloth well before you used it? When spots are left behind it is generally because you are using the cloth too wet. Remember it should be just barely damp. 
    Streaking   If you have been using chemicals or paste and paper towels in the past you probably have a buildup of residue that needs to be cleaned off.  Just put a drop or two of dishwashing detergent in your water and use the cloth to clean that residue off. Now rinse your cloth well and start with fresh water and rinse off the detergent. From now on you can use only your slightly dampened KK cloth for cleaning and touchups and you will have streak free results every time.  
    If you have large patio doors and/or are cleaning exterior windows for the first time of the season.  We uggest a similar method.  Check out our blog here Tips For Cleaning Windows
    Finally   Is there any chance your cloth came in contact with fabric softener or was accidentally thrown into hot dryer? Remember that these things will break down the fibers and they will not be able to absorb and trap dirt any longer and you won't see that streak free result either.
    How can I purchase the Krystal Klear cloth? We accept all major Credit Cards through our website using Intuit Payment processing and PayPal. If you have an account with PayPal you can use it to pay for your order. If you don’t have an account with PayPal don’t worry, you can still pay using your Credit Card or Debit Card. Simply click on “I don’t have a PayPal Account” or “Pay with Credit Card” and follow the instructions. 

    Return Policies

    1 year, money back guarantee * 

    Your satisfaction is our number one concern so what you will find here is a true blue 365 day refund policy for any unopened product.* 

    Please call our phone order line at 877-701-8983 and we will provide an RFN number that you will use for returning your product. Simply send back your product unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging along with the RFN number. 

    After our Shipping Department receives your return, the refund will be issued and we will send along a confirmation to your email to let you know that your return is completed. 

    *Your product must be returned and processed through our warehouse within 365 days from the date of purchase. 


    We also provide a 30 day, money back return policy on used Krystal Klear Cloths.** 

    By giving a 30 day return policy we afford you the opportunity to “try” the cloth. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results after you use it and would like to return it please call us at 877-701-8983 . Follow the directions above for returning your cloth. 

    Have more questions? Reach us at www.kkcloth.com or call us anytime at 877-701-8983  

    **The return policy on used cloths is limited to one cloth per customer. 

    ***If any of the above conditions are not met, Krystal Klear Cloth reserves the right to refuse the return or to charge a restocking fee of not less than 30%.  


    Our Guarantees 

    - We Guarantee our patented cloth is NOT made in China. We do not purchase cloths made in China as many others do and we guarantee that this makes a huge difference in both the long term and short term quality of our streak free cloth. 

    - We Guarantee our cloth is high performing and durable. It will not shred, tear, lint, pill or leave streaks and water spots behind. 

    - We Guarantee each of our Krystal Klear Cloths with a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee with normal use for 1 Full Year 

    - We Guarantee our Krystal Klear Cloth picks up 99% of the bacteria on surfaces reducing the need for toxic cleaning chemicals to be used on surfaces.