The Secret to a Sparkling Clean Home - Microfiber!

Not all microfiber is the same. When you use ours you'll experience the difference. Our microfiber cloths are only the highest quality and in fact are nothing like the ones you buy in your local store. Each one is a powerhouse for picking up dirt, bacteria and liquids so you'll be tackling even your toughest messes with ease.

Let's get cleaning!

Discover Tips for Streak Free Windows with our Original Krystal Klear Cloths

"These Original Krystal Klear Cleaning Cloths are amazing. They clean everything and anything without streaks. I was notorious for leaving streaks EVERY time I washed a window or mirror. Not anymore. I have bought more to share with friends.

Christine H.

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What Our Customers are saying

So Easy

"Easy to clean everything with. Love how they clean windows & mirrors and with just water. I'm wiping down kitchen, bathrooms and glass shelves. Everything is sparkling"

"Best cloth ever!"

"I'm not fooling, this cloth is the best ever. It will clean and shine your stainless steel, your windows, mirrors, granite, whatever you try. Just clean with dish soap and use over and over."

A Friend Gave Me One

"A friend ordered these and gave me one. I loved it. I absolutely hate doing windows because no matter what I use or what I do, there are ALWAYS streaks. Not any more!! I still don't like to do windows, but at least now they look great!! "

They are miracle cloths!!! Absolutely fabulous. Up to every task.

How many Original Krystal Klear Cloths do I need ...


It's surprising how many people only use their Krystal Klear cloth for windows. They are indispensable for your windows, but there are so many other uses for them around your home where you will likely find them just as indispensable in your cleaning routines and we want to share them with you. We suggest you need two cloths for each of your rooms or tasks.

WINDOWS Your interior windows and sliders can generally be handled with 1 cloth depending on how many cloths you prefer to work with . Although drying is not necessary some prefer to keep one cloth for washing and another for drying when cleaning their windows. Your exterior windows will get done in such a short time and with such great results with our Original Krystal Klear Cloth but they do take special care on the initial clean. We suggest you keep these cloths separate from your interior cleaning cloths. Read our best tips for beautifully streak free windows here;

Tips For Streak Free Windows

KITCHENS We suggest our customers need 1 cloth in their kitchen for the final wipe down of your counters as it will pick up 99% of any bacteria and virus that may be lingering. A second cloth can be used for polishing all your finishes on granite, stainless steel or other shiny surfaces that spot and streak. If you have been using pastes on your stainless steel or granite surfaces remember to wash off all the chemical residue those products leave behind sing a drop or two of dish soap in a bowl of warm water and and your Original Krystal Klear Cloth. You won't need to use anything but your cloth and water on your surfaces from then on.

BATHROOMS You will need 2 cloths in your bathroom. One will keep the shower doors free of mineral deposits that leave permanent spotting and to shine your fixtures. If you want to keep your first cloth within easy reach hanging in the shower you can use your second cloth on your mirrors and sinks for removing, grime, hair sprays and other product residue that is left behind.

CARS We suggest you have at least 2 cloths available for your car/garage.  Car windows can be a tough clean for any cloth because of hard to remove bugs,stubborn cigarette smoke as well as heater and air conditioner residue that builds up. Keep one to dampen and wipe and one to dry for the best result on your windshields. I never go through a car wash without using my cloth to remove the water spots and shine the windows and rims.