Tips For Streak Free Exterior Windows


                        EXTERIOR WINDOWS                          

Your  hard to clean exterior windows can be beautifully polished and  streak free, even the ones that you've been struggling with for years.  Make it simple by following these steps.


If you are cleaning exterior windows there is no telling what kind of residue, pollutants and sticky pollens have landed there since the last time you washed them

Don't be surprised that there is a bit of extra elbow grease involved to get them really clean the first time around . Be patient with the prep work and you will have windows that clean remarkably easy for the rest of the season and even stay cleaner longer.

For this stubborn dirt start with warm water and a drop or two of dish soap.

Go light on the dish soap, you really only need a drop or two or the rinse step will be harder than is necessary. Use your Krystal Klear Microfiber cloth to clean off that heavy dirt and pollutant residue that is sitting on the window surface. If the windows have a thick film of dirt laying on the surface and you want to save your cloth from stains go ahead and use any old cloth you have lying around to remove the initial layer of soil from the windows and switch back to your cloth for the wash.

When the wash has been completed give them a thorough    final rinse using only fresh clean water and your cloth.  

Your cloth will do a great job of removing the dish soap in this final rinse. Just rinse it well and wipe down your window with water.  No need to dry but remember to wring your cloth out well for the very final strokes of your wipe down. It should be only slightly damp.  You can use the same cloth for both washing and rinsing unless you have used a bit too much dish soap in the first step, then you might want to switch up for a fresh one.

Simple water and your Krystal Klear Cloth can be used for all future cleaning throughout the season

Now that all the grime has been removed and you have that shiny, polished streak free finish you can go back to using simple water and your Krystal Klear cloth for the regular touch ups you do throughout the season. These steps will give any exterior windows the most beautifully polished and streak free finish they've ever had.  


With regular use you will find they stay cleaner longer and touch ups will be faster.  You won't find yourself rewashing the whole glass anymore while trying to do the daily wiping of doggie nose smudges or fingerprints. They will wipe off cleanly without leaving a splotchy mark behind that is caused by residue from chemical cleaning products being used.  My grandkids (and some adults too!) regularly walk into the glass in my sliders after I have washed them with my cloth because the surface is so clear! 

We suggest keeping the cloths used for outside windows separate from those used inside your home.  If you have been using our cloths for a while you already know the thousands of split ends creating the dense fibers that give you that beautifully polished and streak free result are the same fibers that don't easily release stains!  

This is a purely ascetic concern because after a good washing any stains left in the cloth do not change it's long term hardworking usefulness or indicate any bacteria or dirt has been left behind in the cloth. We know that for some though this spotting matters and so, a great option is just to keep the cloths you use for those dirty jobs around the house separate from the ones you regularly use for glass, chrome, mirrors, stainless steel and granite inside your home.

Bleach can help with the staining too but since it makes no difference in the usefulness of your cloth we would suggest you lose that extremely toxic chemical from your cleaning list wherever possible and just separate your cloths.

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