What Our Customers Are Saying…


"I tried it today and I am just as impressed as when my niece showed it to me. In fact, I brought one to my office and have been showing everyone how amazing and simple it is to use." 



" I have a black corvette that attracts dirt like crazy.  My brother in law who is a detailer said the problem was static electricity  and said  "Good luck !" when I asked him how to get rid of it. When a friend recommended I try the Krystal Klear Cloth I washed my car, waxed it,  and finally polished it with the Cloth. This is what I do every time I wash my car now and it stays clean for a month at a time! No more static electricity.  Even when I drive it through a gravel parking lot it stays clean.  I just think all the car guys should about this cloth. "



Even the owner of our company was walking around wiping things off. My car windows never looked so clean!!! ” - 


Kathy Lee,

“OMG, Traveled to Florida was given a Krystal Klear Cloth as a gift, brought it home to Pa. used it on my kitchen windows first and WOW. You cannot even tell there is glass in the frame. It’s 4 weeks later and they still look shiny and clear. The best thing I love, NO CHEMICALS. ” Signed, - Kathylee


“We first came across your wonderful product at a demo at the Flea market in Ft Myers, FL. My sister and I shared a package and both loved the results on our windows. She has ordered quite a few since we are back in Ohio…..Thanks for clean windows”.



“My sister gave me one to try and I absolutely love it! I have closet doors that are mirrors. Always had a problem with streaks when cleaning. Even those products labeled streak free. These work great!! Next thing I need to conquer is not using so many paper towels. I like to use them to dry my hands when washing my hands in the kitchen. In my mind a kitchen towel is just that and not a hand towel . “ 


Leslie Ane Veinot

“I got one cloth from my friend who went on vacation this month and bought in Florida from one of your sales people , I love it . It really makes my mirrors shine and I have quite a few of them. I did it last week and they still look like i just did it.” - Leslie Anne Veinot


Pat Jones

“I bought the Krystal Klear cloth this past week. At home the next day I cleaned my sliding mirrored closet doors. I rarely ever cleaned them before because I would have to work so hard with paper towels and Windex and when I was all done, they were still smeared. With the K.K. cloth it was literally 1,2, 3! In addition to the three 6ft x 7ft doors, I cleaned three bathroom mirrors, 6 pictures with glass fronts, the flat screen tv, laptop screen, glass topped furniture, a glass hurricane shade and my big beauty salon mirror. All in less than 15 minutes. I can’t wait to do my windows now. Wow, I never thought I’d say that! Great discovery.” 


Sandi Fiest

“I hated doing windows until I purchased the Krystal Klear Cloth !! Absolutely everything that was advertised and MORE !! Made doing windows a much easier job…. mirrors etc. and lots more !!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!” - Sandi Friest



Missy Filliettaz/Almand’s Drug Store

“I purchased three of these at the Bonita Springs Flea Market and gave two of them away. I finally used mine Easter Sunday and WOW! I am so excited about it, I want to sell it at my store. Thanks ” -


Peggy Foltz

“I bought these cloths at a flea market and I love them. I’m buying more for myself and they will make great gifts.” - Peggy Foltz


Melissa Rodriguez

“I really love these. They are great.” - Melissa Rodriguez


Frank S.

“Love this product.”


 Don Christensen

“Thank you Liz for your timely response AND correcting my lack of computer skill. Am sure you will be getting future orders as my wife has tried many products to clean our stainless appliances and yours is the only one that does the job 100% AND with ease!!” 



“At first I was suspicious about Krystal Klear Cloth. A friend of mine gave me one with the instructions, how easy were they, wet the cloth and wipe? Unheard of. But to my surprise it DOES WORK GRREEAATT!!!! No more streaks yeah!” - 



“A friend gave me one of your cloths after I complained about how difficult my new stainless appliances were to clean….and I had tried everything! I love them and they work beautifully! I bought 50 and gave them to family and friends! We were at a wedding reception and I sounded like an info-mercial but this is a great product! Thanks so much!” 


Dick Atkinson 

“Thanks for the cleaning info about glass top stoves and all the info about using on cars. You tend to use on glass and forget about other uses”