A timer is a miraculous technique for getting your cleaning jobs done. It's especially helpful when you're having a hard time getting started and there are looming cleaning jobs in front of you, but it's a fun way to pass the cleaning time no matter the circumstances. If you try this trick I promise that you will be amazed at how much you can get done in just a few minutes and with what feels like so much less effort.


1) The first time you use a timer it is a good experiment to start by setting your timer for 15 minutes. Now work steadily at the job before you and don't stop till the 15 minutes are up. Let the timer do the thinking for you and just keep moving to meet the deadline and you will see that fifteen minutes of cleaning brings so much more result than you would have expected. Now that you are convinced try these other ideas.

2) Are you the type to get stuck deep cleaning when what really needs to be accomplished is a once over ? Or do you hate the deep cleaning and never get to it. Either way the timer can set you free. Set it for fifteen minutes and make an agreement with yourself that when the timer rings you will leave the closet you have become obsessed with taking apart and putting back together again and go into the kitchen and clean up the dishes. If you are dreading the reorganization of the closet set the timer to light up your motivation and pace, then make an agreement with yourself that you will work hard and steady till the time is up. You can do this each day till the project is completed.

3) I never found anything that helped kids with their chores better than a timer. Break their chores into 5-15 minute segments, let them put on their favorite music, set their timers (buy them their own if possible) and let the race begin. They can even keep a record of how their time compares from day to day or week to week. If dad is around and part of the chores let him try it to

4) One of the best ways to appreciate the helpfulness of a timer is to use it for jobs you procrastinate on the most. Do you hate to empty the dishwasher? fold the clothes? or sweep the kitchen floor? See how painless these jobs can become when you use your timer. When you prove to yourself what a little amount of time and effort these chores really take it helps to ease the awful sense of drudgery and your timer will become your friend for life.

4) If you work at home like many of us do these days you may struggle with structuring your home duties. Set your timer every 2-3 hours and accomplish a task around the house so you can keep ahead of your daily housework. If you like you can use your timer while your doing your chores. Your body is also getting the benefit of getting out of the chair and moving throughout the day.