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KK Cloth Private Label

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Krystal Klear Cloth comes 
  • Folded and packaged in triples
  • Placed inside a zip lock bag
  • Along with a 2 sided label.

    Labels include a front and a back creating a pocket where each folded cloth slides down in between.  The labels include pictures along with instructions to help portray the use and care of the cloth.  There is also a designated space to place Distributor Stickers for your own branding and to give your customers your contact information for reorders


    Our Quality and our Service 

    We take a lot of pride here at Krystal Klear Products in providing a great product and customer service that targets the unique needs of each of our individual customers. We don't promise we are the cheapest provider but we do promise that you will not find a better quality cleaning and polishing cloth or more careful and personal service.  


    Shipping - For businesses large and small,  shipping costs just keep climbing.  We found a way to share in this cost by adding 1 FREE cloth for every $5 of shipping cost you pay.  You will find these free cloths inside your box when you receive and open your shipped order and sell them to recover your shipping charges. 


    Printed Distributor Stickers - You will receive professionally printed stickers that contain your contact information and/or business name for customers to reach you for reorders or they can be used as a branding tool for your company and product line.   These stickers come  preprinted with the information you choose to use to be placed over the corporate logo and information on the back of each label


    IMPORTANT !  Please tell us what you would like on your Distributor Stickers by following the instructions below ;

    On your order checkout page in the "Special Instructions for Seller " box be sure to leave us the information you would like on your Distributor Labels

    The Sticker will have 3 lines and the first line will be pre-printed to say For Reorder  unless you request something else. Here is an example of what the 2nd and 3rd line of your labels need to include;


    Distributor Sticker Details

     Line 1/ Your Name and/or Your Business Name 

     Line 2/ Phone number and/or email address and/or website url *  

    *please choose only 2 from line 2


    Here is an example of how a label looks ;

    TO REORDER (This can be replaced or omitted)

    Contact Liz / Krystal Klear Products

    877-701-8983 /


    Please Cut and Paste these instructions onto a Word Document so that you can refer back to them when you are checking out.  If we do not receive your sticker information it will hold up the shipping of your product.