Microfiber Mini Duster

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Product Description

Microfiber duster made from dense chenille microfiber with a handle that allows you to keep the duster flat on a surface, ensuring even dusting!

  • Dense chenille microfiber cleaning material is sewn into a tube so you can use all sides to trap and hold dust.
  • Made from positively charged microfiber that attracts negatively charged dust along with the plush design of the cover gives this smaller duster an unexpected capacity for grabbing and holding dust.

Use the Krystal Klear Mini Duster for dusting small, delicate items on your mantle, curio cabinet, and shelving or for dusting those smaller surfaces that a larger duster is too clumsy to use. Keep it in your car and remove the irritating dust that always builds up on your dashboard between cleanings. You’ll find so many ways to put this mini microfiber duster to work in your, car, office, and more!


  • One chenille microfiber duster
  • Size: Overall Length 10", Cover 2"x5"