Microfiber Premium Pro Mop Series and Pads/ PLUS 2 FREE SPIFF CLOTHS (Mops ship separately)

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(2 )18" Microfiber Wet Mop Pads  (1) Gobi Dust Mop Pad   (1) 16" Angle Microfiber Mop Frame and  Handle  Plus 2 FREE Spiff Cloths - (1) 12' x 12" / ( 1) 16" x 16"


Compare the time it takes to clean and the quality of dirt and grime pickup of our mop to a standard mop and you will notice the difference immediately.  


Professional Quality Microfiber Mop for the Residential Home Owner

You won't find a better product on the market to easily and effectively clean your floors than microfiber mops. We waited a long time to bring just the right microfiber mops to our customers.  We believe we have found them in these high quality dust and wet mops.



    ~ Features an ergonomic design making the mop handle and frame easy to maneuver under furniture and in between small spaces, corners or hidden and hard to reach areas. 

    ~ The individual fibers of the mop pads are split to reach into the depressions of the floor surface and thoroughly pick up, hold and lift away the dust, dirt and even liquid far better than cotton, disposable or other synthetic mops.

    ~ Microfiber dramatically cuts the time and effort it takes to get a beautifully clean and polished floor because the mop fibers are positively charged and attract the negatively charged dirt like a magnet.

    ~ Using simple water your microfiber mops will pick up 99% of the bacteria it comes in contact with making it your worry-free alternative to cleaning with chemical products that expose you and your family to toxic build up in the air and on your surfaces.

    Traditional mops require twice the effort for results that are only half as good. as microfiber. This is a professional quality microfiber mop with unique angled sides allowing for easy cleaning of corners and baseboards and a swiveling mop head that reaches under furniture.The heavy duty handle extends from 42" to 72" to save back strain and help with high reaches. Plus you will be saving money on those disposable mops.



    Use the dust mop pad to pick up daily dust and light dirt then trade out the microfiber Wet/Dry mop pad dampened with warm water to quickly do a thorough final clean. Our Wet/Dry Mop Pads pick up 99% of the bacteria they come into contact with.There is no need for chemicals of any kind although all of our pads can be used with cleaning products of your choosing. 

    ~ Gobi Dust Mop collects larger debris like pet hair, dirt and dust

    ~ Wet/Dry Mop Pads work dry as a replacement for sweeping or wet for a more thorough cleaning of stuck on dirt, spots and spills.

    ~  If you have wood floors it is important to minimize the times you wet mop so use your Gobi Dust Mop Pad  regularly for cleaning up daily dust and then dampen one of your Wet/Dry Pad when a more thorough cleaning is needed. 

    ~  If you have expansive floor space you will love this mop.  No more back breaking sweeping when you use one of the Wet/Dry Mop Pads dry, to quickly move over those large areas efficiently gathering the dirt and sweeping it into a dust pan.  If stuck on dirt remains use the second mop pad wet, and quickly clean the surfaces, grooves and corners. Throw them into the laundry or rinse them in the sink and they are ready for their next use. 


    Instructions for Mopping With Your New Microfiber Mop

    Place the microfiber mop pad on the floor, blue side down, then press the handle on top of the pad. For wet mopping work backwards through the room while moving the mop side to side, twisting  the handle to turn the mop in a figure eight motion which prevents dust and dirt from being left behind.

    All of our mop handles feature a threaded acme tip so it can be used as an extension handle for any of our High/Low Dusters also.


    Wet Mop / Use damp with clear water.  No chemicals needed. 

    Dust Mop / Use dry.



    Size: Mop handle extends from 42" to 72" and can be used for any of our High Dusters

    Construction: Aluminum with High Impact Plastic featuring a comfortable high impact plastic top grip and a handy spot to hang it by a hook.