Krystal Klear Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 12 Cloths Best Seller

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Product Description

This 12-pack of microfiber dusters get the job done without streaks, chemicals, spots, or lint.

  • Krystal Klear microfiber dusters off an easy, hassle-free way to lose the streaks, lint, and spots left behind with paper towels and toxic chemical cleaning products.
  • These microfiber cleaning rags wipe away 99.9 percent of the bacteria from surfaces as you clean, using only water.
  • Whether you use them as window cleaning cloths or with other tasks, these cloths are a must-have.

Our trademarked cloth fibers are not made in China and their long-term quality proves the difference. With these 12 microfiber cleaning washcloths, you get streak-free results with every clean. Don’t be fooled by undependable brands that lose their quality after a few short washings. Get the Krystal Klear difference today. These microfiber washcloths can be used on windows, glass, mirrors, granite, wood, laminate, floors, tile, shower doors, electronic screens, vehicles, and more.


  • Size: 15 in. x 16 in. Color: White
  • Fabric Weight: 130 grams per square meter (GSM)
  • Fabric Blend: 80 percent Polyester - 20 percent Polyamide/Nylon - 100 percent Split Microfiber
  • Edge: No Edge (Ultra Sonic Cut)
  • Country of Origin: Germany

Eco and Family Friendly

Manufactured with a revolutionary technology that has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system that dramatically minimizes the use of resources and raw materials. No solvents, binders and PVC Free.... safe even for contact with a baby's skin.

Care and Use

Uses simple water for cleaning, no chemicals needed and no chemicals in the cloth itself.

Wet the cloth, wring it out well and walk away.  No drying needed.

Durable, Washable and Reusable through hundreds of washings with truly sustainable qualities for your use that won't disappear. When they get dirty just throw them in the washing machine or wash them in the sink closest to where you use them every day and they're ready to be used again.