KK Cloth Reseller

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$ 277.50

Product Description


Each Krystal Klear Cloth comes

  • Folded 
  • Placed inside a zip lock bag
  • Along with a 2 sided label

    Our  Labels include a front and a back creating a pocket where each folded cloth slides down in between.  They are retail ready for those sellers interested in selling to or in a retail setting.  The labels can be used as a marketing tool and include pictures along with instructions to portray the precise use and care of the cloth.


    Our Quality and our Service 

    We take a lot of pride here at Krystal Klear Products in providing a great product and customer service that targets the unique needs of each of our individual customers. We don't promise we are the cheapest provider but we do promise that you will not find a better quality cleaning and polishing cloth or more careful and personal service.


    Quality - Though many suppliers claim their product is NOT made in China, many are... and their long term quality shows it when after only a few washing's they begin to lose the streak, lint and spot free qualities these cloths are so famous for and customers are expecting..  Our Krystal Klear Cloths are made in Germany under a manufacturing process that has been trademarked and never duplicated. They are the highest quality cleaning and polishing cloth of it's kind on the market.  


    Depend On Us - We have grown over 8 years into a company that our customers trust and depend on. We don't take for granted our customers business and loyalty and know that without them we wouldn't be around. So we make it our goal to make every customer service interaction reflect our gratitude.