Krystal Klear Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Christine Hobbs - "These Krystal Klear Cleaning Cloths are amazing. They clean everything and anything without streaks. I was notorious for leaving streaks EVERY time I washed a window or mirror. Not anymore. I have bought more to share with friends. "  


Krystal Klear Cloth

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Sandi Friest - "I hated doing windows until I purchased the Krystal Klear Cloth!! Absolutely everything that was advertised and MORE!! Made doing windows a much easier job... mirrors etc. and lots more!!!"

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Kathylee - "OMG Was given a Krystal Klear Cloth a a gift. Used on my kitchen windows first and WOW. You can't even tell there is glass in the frame. It's 4 weeks later and they still look shiny and clear. The best thing I love ? NO CHEMICALS.


Tim - "I have a black Corvette that attracts dirt like crazy. Someone said the problem was static electricity and that the Krystal Klear Cloth could solve the problem. So I bought one, used it for cleaning and polishing when I washed and waxed my car the next time and my car stayed clean for nearly a MONTH. Even when I drive it through gravel parking lots it stays clean. I just think all the car guys should know about this cloth."


Jane M Miller - I have used these cloths for about 4 years and they work just great. The windows and mirrors are so clean. My friends wanted some, so I ordered more.


Don - "Am sure you will be getting future orders as my wife has tried many products to clean our stainless appliances and yours is the only one that does the job 100% AND with ease!!


Katherine Goodwin - I just Love them for my cleaning business & for Car Shows!! Tell people about them all the time!!



Streakfree Ceaning Cloth for Glass, Phone & Tablet Screens, Stainless Steel, Granite. Krystal Klear Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Use Only Water. Cleaning Cloth Removes 99.99% Bacteria


Streakfree Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. Use Water Only. No Chemicals, Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Cleans Glass Stainless Steel Granite. No Lint Microfibre Ceaning Cloth