Distributors Reseller

Welcome to our Resellers Only page and "Thanks" for your interest in our program.  We think you will find it simple, straight forward and with tons of possibility for making a good profit.  All the information you need to get started is here.


Where Can I Sell?

The Krystal Klear Cloth is being sold all around the country in all kinds of places.  Many of our resellers work in local markets and shows with great success making profits in a short 3 day weekend equal to a full weeks paycheck and more. This is how we first began our business and the remarkable accomplishments we had selling at local flea markets, car shows, festivals and farmers markets were the inspiration that set us on the road to our long term commitment in a retail business.

Our new labels are retail ready to be sold into stores of all kinds or sell in your own retail store.  Here are just a few examples of where it is being sold by resellers;

  • Mini Marts

  • Gas Station Markets

  • Car Washes and Detailers

  • Jewelers

  • Optometrists

  • Appliance Stores

  • Gourmet Kitchen Stores

  • Health Food Stores

  • Drugstores

  • Window and Granite Stores

We even have distributors who travel and fund their journeys' with their profits as they sell at different venues around the country. 


Who Becomes a Reseller?

As a reseller your cloth label will be the Krystal Klear labeling with the original corporate information printed on it.  This type of selling is intended for those that don't want to develop a customer list that requires filling and shipping product but instead like the idea of selling at a venue, accumulating generous profits and going home without any other duties or overhead responsibilities.  You also have the advantage of being able to buy in at a lower price per cloth and at a lower quantity of cloths. 


What Kind of Support Can I Expect?

We want to help you succeed and as a distributor of the Krystal Klear Cloth you already have a product that people love, solves troublesome, every day problems at an affordable price, and brings tons of value to them, and with a generous profit margin for you.  

With the right information and marketing tools you will provide your customers with a successful business that can be admired and trusted for it's integrity, knowledge and authority in it's field.

In our effort to support a fast and efficient start on this road we have put together a complete program of pricing structures, informational packages and marketing tools that will give you the kind of advantage and information that really makes a difference when it comes to succeeding.

We offer several pricing structures so you can choose the best value according to your needs as well as support items to help brand your business and increase sales. If you are going to be selling at show booths and are interested in more support and marketing items just shoot us an email and we will get you the information you need. When used correctly these extras can make a real difference in providing the jump start when selling at shows.

We offer;

  • Informational starter kit that you can download and begin to use immediately

  • Display Banners 

  • Table Cloth Banners

  • Table Top Signs

  • Video loop to grab attention and educate prospective customers as they walk past your display at shows, festivals and markets.

Now choose your products;