Krystal Klear Cloths

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Learn More About Cleaning With Your Microfiber Cloths


Check out the cloths we are famous for in all their variations. They are the best window and glass cleaner you can find.  Our Krystal Klear Cloths are pressed microfibers that leave your surfaces Streak Free, Spot Free and Lint Free using only water.


Simple to use;  wet them with water, wring them out well and wipe your surfaces. No need to dry because they dry on their own with no streaks. No other chemical cleaning products are ever needed and they have the extra added attraction of picking up 99% of the bacteria even while using only water. 

When they're dirty throw them in the washing machine (no fabric softener please) and they're ready to use again for hundreds and hundreds of washing's.  

Use them to clean all of your non-porous surfaces.  

Glass, Windows and Mirrors    Stainless Steel and Chrome    Granite, Marble and Tile    Plastic and Fiberglass    Glass Shower and Patio Doors   Leather and Vinyl    Linoleum and Wood Floors    Bar Silverware and Glass Polishing    Computer and TV Screens   Camera, I pad and I phone Screens   

Use it at the home, garage and office and on all of your cars and sports vehicles.