Krystal Klear Eyeglass Cleaners & Small Electronics Cleaning Cloths / 4 Pkgs

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Construction: Same fabrication as Krystal Klear Cloths.  7"x 7"

Cleans AND polishes at the same time.  Fingerprints, smudges, oil and grease.  Each comes packaged in it’s own durable holder to protect your cloth between uses and make it convenient to keep for immediate use in the places you need it most; your purse, back pack, car glove-box, gym bag and desk drawer.each individually packaged for ease of use and storage.

Uses:  Use on your glasses and sunglasses including Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, Polarized Lenses, and Transitional Lenses as well as your I-phone, I-Pod, GPS, and Android Smart Phone.

Method:  Use dry just as it comes in it’s packaging or put a drop of water on surface and wipe clean with dry cloth.  No need for extra waxes or cleaners.