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Top Benefits of Microfiber Cleaning

Are you sick and tired of the poor job that traditional cleaning products do in your home? Have you found yourself cleaning during times that you would rather spend enjoying your family or quality time to yourself? Believe it or not, the cleaning products we choose make a huge difference. It’s a great first step to invest in cleaning, but it’s another to be equipped with reliable products. That’s why more people are turning to microfiber cleaning products. In this blog post, we will explain the benefits of cleaning with microfiber.

Cleaning Microfiber

Let’s first discuss microfiber itself. Microfibers are densely constructed polyester and nylon fibers that are a fraction of the thickness of human hair. The fibers, when woven together, create a net-like surface area that’s covered with millions of spaces to trap moisture, dirt, bacteria, and debris. Take a moment to think about your current washcloth that you use for cleaning. Interestingly, the microfibers are able to get into even the smallest of spaces, whereas a traditional cloth cannot. Another characteristic of microfiber that sets it apart as the premier cleaning material is that it produces a static charge that attracts dirt similar to a magnet. In turn, the microfiber pulls it in and traps the debris until washed.

The Power of Microfiber Mops

It’s amazing when you think about how many people continue to use cotton loop mops in standard floor cleaning. But cotton leaves a lot of dirt and bacteria, leaving you more frustrated over the look of your floor. That’s where microfiber comes into play. Here are just a few benefits of using microfiber products for mopping specifically:

  • Gets a more powerful clean - Cotton mops are clumsy and can’t get into small crevices. If you really want a deep cleaning while mopping, then give microfiber plenty of consideration.
  • Avoids chemical usage - Whether you have kids, pets, or both, you want to limit using cleaning products that contain a dangerous amount of chemicals. You don’t have to be concerned about that with microfiber cleaning, though.
  • Reduces cross-contamination - More and more healthcare facilities are embracing microfiber cleaning. When you consider the amount of cross-contamination that happens between patient rooms, it makes sense. It’s why a number of state laws require that maintenance personnel swap out the mop and cleaning solution after every room. Thanks to the flexibility and convenience that comes with microfiber mops, facilities can achieve this.

Krystal Klear Helps You Clean with a Conscience

At Krystal Klear Products, we understand that the most effective clean is achieved through microfibers. We are proud to offer a variety of microfiber washcloths, microfiber rags, microfiber dusters, and of course, microfiber mops. Whether you’re just wiping down the kitchen after dinner or cleaning the entire home, the Krystal Klear makes a huge difference. Our cleaning cloths clean dirt, grease, and bacteria using only water.

How Our Microfiber Cleaning Products Work

So what can you expect from our products? Krystal Klear cloths are made of pressed microfibers that leave your surfaces, streak free, spot free, and lint free. There’s no need to add nasty chemicals, either! Just wet them with water wring them out well, and wipe your surfaces. There’s no need to dry them because the cloths dry on their own without streaks. You can feel at ease knowing that the extra added attraction of microfibers can pick up 99 percent of bacteria.

The Best Way to Wash Your Microfiber Cleaning Products

Keep in mind that due to the nylon component in microfiber, high levels of heat will break down the fibers and ruin its effectiveness. When you’ve finished cleaning, throw the wash cloths in the washing machine with your normal cleaning detergent. With that in mind, avoid adding bleach or fabric softener. Microfiber can defend against a myriad of chemicals, you’ll want to avoid acids. If you’re concerned that your detergent will harm the microfiber, we advise reading the warning label and seeing if it harms plastics. This could put the cloth at risk. Oh, and one more thing. Remember to avoid washing microfiber with clothes that are prone to lint. You’ll find that the rag will collect the lint and no longer be effective.

Are you ready to make the switch to microfiber cleaning? If so, Krystal Klear can get you started. Shop now.

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