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20 Ways to Use Salt for Cleaning Your House

Salt has been used for cleaning and household care since it was first discovered.  It can be used to gently scour in place of chemical powders. When it is combined with things like vinegar it becomes a boost for cleaning and deodorizing. Mix it with dish soap and baking soda for a paste that when used with your Krystal Klear Cloth will gently scrub and remove stuck on food and debris from appliances, enamel and porcelain.

Here are 20 ways to use salt around the house you may have not thought of before.

  1. Clean Stained Cups   Mix salt and a bit of dish soap together and coat coffee and tea stains on your dishes. Let the paste do it's work for a couple of hours and then rinse.
  2. Avoid Hardened Spills in Your Oven   The next time food spills onto your oven surface while baking toss some salt right into the stuff while it is still liquid.  When it cools you will be able to simply wipe off the spill with a cloth or sponge.  Use this same idea on the top surface of your stove as well.
  3. Clean Your Iron Skillet   Do you love your iron skillet but hate the idea that it won't tolerate a good washing with soap?  Use some salt and your Krystal Klear Cloth to remove the grease from your skillets and help remove any cooked on build up on the bottom too.
  4. Keep Drains Clear    A mixture of salt and hot water flushed down your drains once a month will keep them free of grease and smelling fresh.
  5. Clean up Sticky Dough   Rolling out and kneading dough on your counters can leave a  mess that is hard to remove. Try sprinkling the mess with salt and you will easily wipe away the sticky flour from your counters.
  6. Remove Rust   Make a paste of salt, cream of tartar and just a bit of water.  Rub the paste onto the rust and let it sit till completely dry.  Brush it off with a soft microfiber towel and buff the surface to a shine with your Krystal Klear Cloth.
  7. Clean Your Glass Coffee Pot   Swirling salt and ice cubes vigorously around in your coffee pot will remove the coffee residue from the bottom and sides.
  8. Remove Bitter Taste from Old Coffee  Did you brew your morning coffee 3 hours ago but would like another cup now.  Before throwing it out try removing the bitter taste from old coffee with a pinch of salt.
  9. Brighten Your Colors   Colored curtains, washable fiber rugs, faded carpets and throw rugs can all have their colors brightened by dipping them in a strong saltwater bath solution and wringing them out.  Be sure to rinse them well after they have had their salt bath.
  10. Prevent Laundry From Freezing   Do you love that fresh smell you get from hanging your laundry to dry outside, even in the winter?  Salt greatly decreases the temperature that ice freezes at so try adding salt in the final rinse to keep the clothes from freezing while drying outside.
  11. Keep Windshields Frost Free   Use this same salt benefit on your windshields by wiping them with a sponge dipped in salt water to keep frost from developing on your windshields all winter long.  You won't be greeted with windows and windshields covered with ice or snow anymore.
  12. Remove Wine   If you spill wine on your tablecloth or carpet first blot up as much of the wine as possible with a sponge after first diluting the red color with some white wine.  Then cover the stain left behind with a large amount of salt to help pull the remainder of the wine from the fibers. Soak the tablecloth in cold water for at least 30 minutes before throwing it into the washing machine. If it is a carpet you are working on let the salt do it's work for 20 minutes and then vacuum it up.
  13. Set Color   If you have clothing or fabric of any kind that is not color fast but you would like it to be, soak it for an hour in 1/2 gallon of water mixed with 1/2 cp vinegar and 1/2 cp salt. Rinse well checking the water for any color still showing in it.  If the rinse water contains color repeat the process. Use this only on single color fabric.
  14. Remove Perspiration Discoloration  Add four tablespoons to a quart of hot water and use a sponge to dab the spot till the stain fades.
  15. Reduce Grease Splatters  Tired of being burned with grease when your fry foods or cook bacon.  Sprinkle some salt into the pan and your frying will be splatter free.
  16. Clean the Residue From Your Vases   Rub the residue left behind from your bouquets with salt and then rinse with warm soapy water.  If you cannot reach into the vase with your hand mix a strong solution of salt and water and use a bottle brush or shake the solution vigorously around to break up the mineral deposits stuck to the side.
  17. Clean Artificial Flowers   Do you have artificial flowers that gather sticky dust and you can't figure out how to clean it off.  Put them into a paper bag with a good amount of salt and shake vigorously, being carefully not to damage the petals.  They will come out of the bag as fresh looking as the day you bought them.
  18. Keep Wicker Furniture Bright   Natural wicker furniture is famous for yellowing and discoloring over time.  To avoid this use a stiff brush with a solution of salt water to scrub it thoroughly and then setting it into the sun to dry. Repeat this process each spring cleaning season to keep it looking it's true natural color year after year.
  19. Deter the Ants From Moving In   Spread a layer of salt across all door ways and any other entry ways that the ants might use to enter your home and they will be discouraged from moving in.
  20. Shell Hard Boiled Eggs Easily   Here is an answer to removing the shells from hard boiled eggs without  the struggle.  Add one teaspoon of salt into the water before placing the eggs in to cook.


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