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Do you feel as though you can just never keep your house clean? Especially after a long day, cleaning is often the last thing we want to do. However, there are some quick tricks to ensuring that your home looks great all the time without a time-consuming deep clean. In this blog post, we will go over those tips and also discuss what microfiber cleaning can do for you.

  1. Make your bed - You might be thinking, “How can something as simple as making my bed every day lead to that much of a difference?” Believe it or not, a made bed instantly makes your bedroom look put together and organized. Making your bed takes less than a minute to complete and there's something about leaving your room with the bed made that sets the tone for the rest of your day.  
  2. Put things away - This is another task that might not seem very important but can make a world of difference in how clean your home stays. For example, do office supplies and old pieces of mail litter your kitchen table? Putting things away as you use them helps avoid clutter that you can never seem to get ahead of.
  3. Do a little something each day - Trying to achieve a spotless home in one day can be frustrating and most of us will never have enough time in a day to accomplish that anyway.  If you discipline yourself to do a little something each day toward your goals you will be surprised how much you can accomplish in a small amount of time.  This kind of gradual cleaning will help you get over the feeling  that you need your whole house to be cleaned at once.  As you see your daily accomplishments pile up and make a difference in how clean your house is staying you will build motivation to complete that small chore you have assigned to yourself each day. Our cleaning experts have found that maintaining the basics each day is really the secret to a tidy home.
  4. Clean and wipe your counters daily - You’d be surprised how much impact clean counters can have on the cleanliness factor of your home. Be sure to wipe the kitchen counters off following meals. Take a minute after dressing in the morning to wipe down the bathroom sinks and counters as you leave. Clean counters throughout the house also result in fewer germs, meaning fewer illnesses passed around by your family.
  5. Keep up with the dishes - This might be the most difficult one of the five. A dirty sink can make even the cleanest kitchen look messy. But the reality is that loading and unloading the dishwasher takes just a few minutes. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Leave your sink ready for the next meal by giving it a quick scrub and polish after you're done with the dishes.

    Microfiber Cleaning from Krystal Klear

    Why make cleaning more difficult than it should be? With microfiber cleaning products from Krystal Klear, you get a quick clean for any task. The pressed microfibers in our Krystal Klear cloths leave your surfaces streak-free, spot-free, and lint-free using only water. Best of all, these microfiber rags are easy to use. Just wet them with water, wring them out, and wipe your surfaces. There's no need to dry your surfaces after wiping  because they dry on their own with no streaks.

    All of our products, including our microfiber dusters and microfiber mops, are free of dangerous chemicals and no chemical cleaning products are needed for them to do a thorough cleaning, making them safe to use around your family, children and pets. Our Krystal Klear Cloth will also pick up 99 % of the bacteria it comes into contact with on your surfaces only using water.

    See how microfiber cleaning can make a difference in your home. Shop our products today.  

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    • Excellent article. I DO follow your advice, but
      some do not know how to clean their home. They need your instruction,

      Annette Connor

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