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How To Care For Your Microfiber Towel

The benefit of microfiber cleaning towels is that they are reusable, and you don’t have to worry about repurchasing cleaning rags every time your stash runs out. In the long-run, you save money, reduce waste, and ultimately help the environment. That being said, it’s important to maintain your microfiber towels so they remain in good, usable condition. There is no point in purchasing and using a microfiber towel if you have to replace them just as much as regular cleaning supplies. Today we’re going to look at how to clean your microfiber towels so their lifespan increases, you save money and you limit your waste. Let’s get into it!

Regular Cleaning

To maintain your microfiber cleaning towels and their good condition, it is recommended that you wash after every use. It may not seem necessary after it dries, but to keep the fabric strong and to avoid letting mold or any other contamination seep it, it’s critical that you wash the microfiber rag every time you use it. You can wash microfiber in the washer, but make sure you separate your cleaning towels from your bath towels. You don’t want any nasty cleaning substance getting into your nice towels. Only wash microfiber with other microfiber products. If you need to put some microfiber rags in the wash, make sure you wash them with other microfiber cleaning towels, like mops. To dry, you can either put them in the dryer on a low heat setting, or air dry them. As long as you remain disciplined in your microfiber cleaning process, your microfiber towels will last you awhile.

Be Mindful Of What You’re Putting On Your Towels

Depending on what type of substance you are cleaning with your microfiber towel, your cleaning towel might become discolored. To keep your microfiber stain free, consider pre-soaking or pre-treating it before you stick it in the wash. This is especially recommended if you used your microfiber rag to clean any oils or greases. Other harsh chemicals from your cleaning solutions are also something to be mindful of. Strong chemicals can also damage the microfiber fabric if left on it for too long, so definitely clean the towels as soon as possible. However, at the end of the day, if your microfiber cleaning towel is really dirty to the point of no repair, it might be time to toss it.


Storing your microfiber cleaning towels is an important aspect of caring for your microfiber. The most important thing to note is that your towel should be completely dry before you fold it and put it into storage. If you store your towels while they are still damp, mildew will form. Once the microfiber is dry, fold the towels and stick them in a plastic container out of harm’s way. Then when you are ready to clean, you’ll know they are ready for the job.

Caring for your microfiber is a large part of the microfiber cleaning process. While it may take a few extra minutes to wash and store these towels, this proper care will ensure the longevity of the microfiber, and in turn, save your money and reduce waste. Take a look at our microfiber cleaning towels and microfiber mops at Krystal Klear today.

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