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DIY Tips for the Perfect Car Wash

While you may be washing your car on a regular basis, are you completely sure that you’re doing so properly? It’s imperative to not only have the right cleaning products for a vehicle but that you’re also using the proper techniques. In this blog post, we will share some of our tips for keeping your car looking like new.

  1. Wash weekly - Washing your car on a weekly basis helps stave off contaminants that can do serious long-term damage to the paint. Two major culprits include bug remains and bird droppings. These biohazards contain complex proteins that stick to the surface and organic acids that can break down the surface. If not removed in a timely manner, these compounds can eat into your vehicle’s clear coat. Keep in mind that weak spots in this coat leave a car much more susceptible to corrosion and discoloration. You should always watch for brake dust, which contains metal shavings from the rotors and adhesives produced from brake pads. Why is brake dust so dangerous to car’s paint? Well, it can be highly corrosive and sticky. A weekly wash should remove these contaminants before they have the chance to do serious damage.
  2. Use the proper washing techniques - Start off washing wheels and tires first. When choosing a cleaner, remember to grab one that’s safe for all wheels. Next, move on to the rest of the vehicle. You want to make sure that you have a car wash that has plenty of lubricants. After all, the purpose of washing your car should be to remove contaminants and lubricate them so they don’t scratch the paint as they slide off the vehicle. At all costs, avoid using dish detergents. They may seem like a quick and simple option, but they actually remove protective coatings. Finally, you’re ready for the rinsing. Make it a point to rinse your vehicle thoroughly before you begin washing in order to remove loose debris. Rather than front to back, wash down your car instead. Plus, you’ll want to clean the windows and upper panels prior to cleaning the lower half of the vehicle. Those in hotter climates should get into the habit of rinsing more frequently.
  3. Don’t overlook drying - The funny thing about drying your car following a wash is that you want to do it quickly, but also carefully. Far too many drivers make the mistake of taking an hour washing their car, but then zip out without drying it. Don’t forget that drying your vehicle after washing is necessary to prevent water spots, which are caused by mineral deposits that etch the outline of a water drop into your vehicle’s paint. As soon as the water evaporates, the mineral remains on the car’s surface and eventually create water spots.

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