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Clean Your House With A Microfiber Towel

If there is one cleaning tool to have in your house, it’s a microfiber towel. Not only are they good for the environment, but microfiber rags clean very well. Believe it or not, these towels are fairly abrasive without scratching or damaging any surfaces. The tiny grippies on the cloth reach deep into surfaces to collect dust that would otherwise get missed, and they also make great scrubbies for bathroom and kitchen cleaning purposes. Not only that, but the microfiber absorbency makes for great towels to dry dishes with. If you live in a home that gets dusty or dirty all the time, you’re going to want one of these. Cleaning your house has never been easier or more fun. Read along if you want to learn about all the ways you can use a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes around your house.

Dusting - Wet Or Dry

Use your microfiber duster around your house to pick up dust on every object you can find. Whether you’re doing a full-on house cleaning or just tidying up, you’re going to want your microfiber duster with you. You can use the towel dry and it will work perfectly for collecting surface dust. Dampen up the cloth if you want to do a little more than a dusting, like wiping down surfaces while also collecting dust.

Bathroom Cleaning

Incorporate a microfiber rag into your bathroom cleaning system. The tiny fibrous grippies will reach the tough spots in the bathtub and sink area, as well as remove the scum off the shower walls with little effort. You don’t have to scrub hard to get clean results. You can use the microfiber rag with bathroom cleaner, or just dampen it lightly daily to wipe up stray hairs and substances from the shower and sink. Either way, you’re ensuring that you bathroom gets clean and fresh with your microfiber powers.

Drying Dishes, And Other Kitchen Drying Purposes

Microfiber towels have outstanding absorbency, which makes them optimal for drying freshly cleaned dishes and wet surfaces after you cut up an extra juicy fruit or vegetable, or if you even have a liquid spill. If you have just washed a bunch of pots and pans by hand, use your microfiber cloth to dry them quickly and efficiently. The small grippies on the cloth help with the absorbency, so your dishes will be dried in record time.

Floor Surface Mopping

Given the absorbency, microfiber towels make for outstanding mops. There are a few microfiber mop options at Krystal Klear that will make your hardwood floor surface cleaning a breeze. These microfiber mops cut your mopping time in half due to its extreme absorbency and ability to pick up dust and other particles that would otherwise go unnoticed. Not only that but you will save money by purchasing microfiber mops because these are reusable. Just wash after use and you’re good to go!

Microfiber cloths are multipurpose and good for the environment. Rather than purchasing disposable cleaning rags and clothes over and over, opt for a product that you can reuse and that will get the cleaning job done right. Shop Krystal Klear microfiber mops and towels for all your cleaning needs.

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