A Cleaning Routine For Busy Moms

Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms

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Trying to find time to clean? We live busy lives and much of it is not centered around the home these days making It seem impossible to get our housework done. This is when a simple cleaning routine can make a real difference.

I am not much of a routine girl myself and habits have mostly been on the enemy list.  I like to flow with my creative instincts as many days as I can get away with it. But I've learned there are lots of wonderful things about implementing a routine cleaning schedule and survival of our very busy lives is definitely one of them. 

Since long term success in any area is based as much in how we think as what we do here are some principles that can help change your thinking in common areas you might be stuck in and develop motivations to overcome. Then read on for the routine.

PRINCIPLE #1 When it comes to a tidy home it isn't the routine you choose as much as it is that you have one and try to keep it running smoothly.  

Put your stamp on it but don't get stuck

As I have not been a lover of house cleaning I used every tip and technique I ever found that was useful. I have put together a schedule for myself over the years that incorporates ideas from many sources and I used them in ways that work for me. You should feel free to do the same. If you are a working mom and want to place some of the weekly tasks on the weekends go ahead. But if you decide to tweak this routine or any other one, be sure to make the changes and get on with it. The most important part here is to get started with the habit of the routine and you can always come back and tweak again later when it becomes apparent what is really not working for you.

PRINCIPLE #2  Routine is the goal

The most important thing is that every day you walk to where your schedule is posted, read the chores for the day and get them done. Do them quickly, use a timer if you like to help keep the pace up. Do what’s on the list for today and then congratulate yourself by having a quiet cup of coffee in your favorite chair or call one of your celebration friends you can count on to say "good job". 

PRINCIPLE #3  Perfection is not the goal

If you miss a day or lose yourself into cleaning all the kitchen drawers instead of picking up around the entryway door like your routine assigns, forgive yourself immediately and go on. Just pick up where you left off tomorrow. It is the consistency of the routine that will make you a winner, not how perfectly you do it.

PRINCIPLE #4 Seriously consider the benefits of your schedule

How your routine pays off for you

The absolute best part of having a cleaning routine is that there is no question about what you must clean that day and there is no question about what you DON’T have to clean that day. Freedom! Once you have completed your chores for the day you can release the rest. You know every chore is on the schedule and it will have it’s day. No more staring down the laundry and wondering if you should do it today or tomorrow.

Another great thing about having a schedule is chores are so much easier to assign to kids and family members because everyone knows the schedule for the day. Life is easier for all family members when they know what’s expected of them and they are often more likely to cooperate when the “list” has already assigned them. Create your list, post it and let it assign the family members their chores by placing their names on the ones they are to do.


The Simple Six

Do these 6 simple things every day and you will love the feeling of having your whole house clean at one time. The trick is to not get bogged down with any one task but run through them all quickly every day. ( I will keep reminding you of this because it's really important) Once you have this routine going you can zip through it in 30 minutes or less any time of the day or even schedule most of it while you're dressing to leave for work. 

1) Pick up clutter that may be laying around the house. This includes paper clutter such as mail, magazines, and school papers.

2) Check to see if any of the floors need a quick sweep. Don’t bother with the carpeted floors, just quickly sweep any hard wood or tile floors that need a little clean up.

3) Wipe the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms

4) Pick up around the entryway. This can be a hot spot where things are dropped as the family has scurried through their day.

5) Wash, dry, fold and put away one load of laundry each day

6) Make it your goal to have a shiny kitchen sink before you go to bed each night. If it isn’t shining when you check it then do what you need to in order to make it that way. Waking up to dishes in the sink from the night before steals from you the chance to start a "new day" that both you and your routine deserve. I often use this task as a measure of whether I am in charge of my house or it is in charge of me. If my kitchen sink is dirty and/or full of dishes it is a good bet other places around my house are in trouble too. Funny and weird but true!

The Weekly Five

If you have been keeping up with your daily schedule then each area of your home will be free of clutter so you can easily get to a little deep cleaning each day. These chores shouldn't take long if you MOVE! One of the tricks to good housekeeping? I'm saying it again...get it done quick and without a lot of thought.  That's where your routine and a timer comes in.

Disinfect and scrub; toilets, bathtubs and showers. Put tops back on containers in the showers and bathtubs,empty garbage cans, throw out empty or used up soaps and replace with new. Shine the mirrors and shower doors with your Krystal Klear Cloth.  Wash and dry a load of bathroom rugs. If the cleaning and beauty supplies under the sink have become disorderly quickly reorganize so you can find what you need when you need it. Take an inventory of any supplies you may be short of like toilet paper for instance and note it for your shopping list.

Tuesday/Dusting and Vacuuming
Dust your surfaces, electronics, fans, lampshades and window blinds. Remember to start at the top of the room and move down so that the dust that falls from the lampshade can be dusted clean from the nightstand. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner that works good across all of your floors consider investing in the right one so that keeping your floors clean is simple.   

Wednesday/ Wash your tile and hardwood floors
Since you completed all the dusting and vacuuming yesterday the floor washing isn’t the labor intensive job it is when you do it all in one day. 

Thursday/ Change Bed Sheets
Change your sheets toward the end of the week and your ready for overnight guests and last minute sleepovers your kids may have on the weekend. While you're at it you can finish up little details you may need to get done to prepare for guests like hanging fresh towels and changing out soaps.

Friday/ Catch Up Day
If you are like me you will need a catch up day so use Friday to complete things you didn't get done throughout the week.  Friday is a good day to give the inside of your fridge a once over too since you may do more cooking over the weekend.


Saturday/TGIS (Thank God It's Saturday)
winter cleaning tipsSaturday always feels like a celebration so I love to be rid of schedules. I try to do something constructive but something I enjoy too. It is usually the day I run errands and eat a meal at a fast food restaurant(a guilty pleasure I love) or go to the farmers market in the spring and summer. If there is time left in the day I might search out new recipes online, or spend a little extra time in my kitchen making a pot of soup for the weekend.

You will probably still want to run through the Seven Daily Tasks on Sunday but if you choose not too? Oh Well... Be sure though to take time to read, nap, go for a leisurely walk, engage in a hobby, spend an afternoon visiting with family and friends, and feed yourself spiritually.  When you come back to your routines on Monday feeling rested and centered you may even find them inviting !


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