8 Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

8 Quick Cleaning Tips for Getting Your Bedroom Back in Shape

There is nothing better than ending the day in a bedroom that is tidy and crisply clean. Here is a cleaning check list you can move through quickly and get this very important room ready to give you nights and nights of refreshing rest. 

Before you start create a "Contribute" and"Elsewhere" box or bag. The Elsewhere box is for things that belong "elsewhere" in your home. As you clean each room consider what things you may not need or use. If you have a box ready you are more likely to sort through things that can be given to those in need or should be moved to another spot.  

1) Do all the dusting first so anything that falls on the floor you can pick up later.  Dust and clean all hanging pictures and wall decorations. Dust furniture  from top to bottom and don't forget to clean out the cobwebs and dust underneath. A great way to clean your ceiling fans is with a pillow case.  

2) Remove your sheets, shams and comforter to give them a good cleaning. Use very mild soap whenever washing sheets and avoid bleach products as over time they can discolor your linens.

3)  Wash your pillows in a gentle cycle and dry them with 2 clean tennis balls to plump them back up to size and shape.

4)  Wash all base boards as well as walls.  Check out how to make a good All Purpose Green Cleaning Solution that will do a great job on your baseboards. You can use it later around the rest of your home.   5)  Remove clothing from closet. If  you  are  short  on   room repurpose shower curtain hooks and attach them to a hanger to hang belts,   scarves, and even  t-shirts.   Use your "Contribute" and "Elsewhere" boxes here to help decide how to handle your clothing. Return clothing you decide to keep after vacuuming and sweeping the floor, baseboard and corners of the closet.

6)   Do the same with drawers. Remove items, donate what you no longer need, wipe out drawers, and replace.

7)  Deep clean or spot clean carpets as needed.  Wash throw rugs and lay back down. Do you have wooden floors?  Give then a good once over with the vacuum.  For those small places  tape a straw to the end of your smallest attachment and suck up the dirt in the corners and crevices that are difficult to reach.

8)  Flip the mattress turning it over and then flip bottom side to top side to keep the body impressions from becoming permanent. . Sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda onto the top of the mattress before replacing the sheets to keep it smelling fresh.

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