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  • Washable, Reusable Cleaning Cloth

    cleaning made simple

  • Remove Streaks With Simple Water

    glass, mirrors, stainless steel, mirrors and more.

  • Eco Friendly, Chemical Free

    be part of the solution

  • Polishes While It Cleans

    cars, motorcycles, boats, rv's

Home of the Krystal Klear Cloth

Are your Streaking Surfaces driving you crazy?

Are you concerned about your families exposure to Toxic Chemicals in your commercial cleaning products?

Would you like to clean your surfaces and get rid of streaks using no chemicals, at half the cost, and in half the time it takes you now? see all the surfaces you can clean

Our reusable cloth is a tough, durable cleaning cloth made with a Revolutionary Technology that will clean all the grime from your surfaces using no chemicals and leaving them streak free, lint free and water spot free.


Here's How it Works

1) Simply dampen your cloth with water

2) Wipe your surfaces clean

3) Leave them to dry on their own for a clean, polished and streak free finish

read more about everyday care and use


Be Part of the Solution - Durable and Washable, our Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloth helps reduce the impact of waste products, chemical dumping and exposure to toxic cleaning products for both your family and the environment.

  • When they get dirty just drop them into the washing machine and they're ready to reuse.
  • Guaranteed reusable for 1 Full Year through hundreds of washing's not to shred, tear, lint or lose their streak free quality. Read Our Important Guarantees


Watch our Video for a quick overview of what our cloth can do for you.

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