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  • Cleaning Made Simple

    Use Only Water for Streak, Spot and Chemical Free Surfaces

The Krystal Klear Cloth

Our reusable pressed microfiber cleaning cloth cleans windows, mirrors, stainless steel, granite, tv's, cars and more with only water while leaving behind a crystal clear Streak Free, Chemical Free, Spot Free and Lint Free finish every time at half the cost of expensive woven microfiber cloths you may be you using now. 

Struggling to get and keep your surfaces streak free?   

Krystal Klear ClothConcerned about your family's exposure to chemicals in commercial cleaning products?


Would you like to use just 1 cloth to clean grease, grime and bacteria from your surfaces?

Our Pressed Microfiber technology gives our cloth more surface area for improved bacteria pickup than even the most expensive woven microfiber cloths.   


Simply dampen your cloth with water - Wipe your surfaces clean -  Leave them to dry on their own - No need for papertowels   

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Save Your Time - Remove grime and streaks quickly from surfaces , no extra extra application of cleaning  products and no drying.  

Save Your Money - Guaranteed to last through hundreds of washing's and save the cost of all those papertowels and cleaning products you thought you needed.

Save Your Families Health -  Daily use provides protection for your family by reducing the amount of toxic residue inhaled from the air and absorbed through the skin from chemicals left behind on surfaces when chemical based cleaning products are used    

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