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  • No Hassle No Streak Cleaning For All Your Surfaces Using Only Water

    Windows, Glass, Mirrors, Granite, Stainless Steel, Cars,Tv's Computers and more

  • Reduce the Time and Money You Spend Cleaning Glass, Stainless, Granite and more
  • Eco and Family Friendly ~ Reduce Chemical Exposure and Paper Towel Use
  • Cleans and Polishes Cars, Motorcycles, and Rv's. Never Scratches!


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Streak Free  Spot Free  Lint Free  Chemical Free   

Our reusable Pressed Microfiber cloth quickly removes grease, fingerprints and dirt while it  polishes your windows, mirrors, stainless steel, granite, tv's, and cars ...  in half the time and at half the cost of those expensive woven microfiber cloths.                      With regular use your surfaces will even stay cleaner longer.    


Dampen your cloth using only water


Wipe your surfaces clean


Walk Away and leave them to dry on their own

(No need for papertowels  or chemical cleaning products)


Saves Your Money ~ No chemicals, no pastes or polishes and no paper towels for drying  reduces your cost of cleaning.


Saves Your Time ~ Quick and easy removal of  grease, fingerprints, dirt and streaks , no extra cleaning products to apply and no drying shortens the time you spend getting the job done. 



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What our customers are saying...


"OMG  Was given a Krystal Klear Cloth a a gift.  Used on my kitchen windows first and WOW.  You can't even tell there is glass in the frame.  It's 4 weeks later and they still look shiny and clear.  The best thing I love ? NO CHEMICALS.  Signed - Kathylee


"I hated doing windows until I purchased the Krystal Klear Cloth!!  Absolutely everything that was advertised and  MORE!! Made doing windows a much easier job... mirrors etc. and lots more!!!  Signed - Sandi Fiest


"Am sure you will be getting future orders as my wife has tried many products to clean our stainless appliances and yours is the only one that does the job 100% AND with ease!!  Signed - Don


"I have a black Corvette that attracts dirt like crazy.  Someone said the problem was static electricity and that the Krystal Klear Cloth could solve the problem. So I bought one, used it for cleaning and polishing when I washed and waxed my car the next time  and my car stayed clean for nearly a MONTH.  Even when I drive it through gravel parking lots it stays clean.  I just think all the car guys should know about this cloth."


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